MRIs are a nightmare for many individuals. They are, nonetheless, an important diagnostic tool for diagnosing some medical disorders. It’s your obligation to make the experience a little less unpleasant if your patient is nervous or comments how claustrophobic they feel within the machine. Here are seven techniques you may use right now to help a patient relax during an MRI.

Explain the Process

Knowledge is a powerful tool. Understanding the process and following the procedures can sometimes help a patient remain calm throughout an MRI. Take time at the start of the visit to explain what they may expect at each stage of the procedure.

Play Music

Knowledge is a potent weapon. Understanding the technique and following it can sometimes help a patient stay calm throughout an MRI. Spend time at the beginning of the appointment explaining what they may expect at each stage of the treatment.

Use Mindfulness

Mindful meditation practices may be beneficial to certain patients. You may help with this while the test is running. Encourage them to focus their energies on their breathing or a specific region of their body to help them stay still as you lead them through some mindful meditation practices.

Talk with Them

Sometimes all someone needs is a pleasant voice to get through the day without too much stress. You are free to discuss anything with them. Just keep a light discussion going. Alternatively, keep them updated on what’s coming up next along the journey.

Consider Sedatives

None of these suggestions will be adequate to keep some people quiet throughout the MRI. Consider giving them a little sedative if their nervousness or claustrophobia is interfering with the procedure. This may just be enough to keep them quiet enough to get through it.

Provide a Sleep Mask

Here’s a bonus tip that many people may not consider. The mix of light, music, and motion can cause anxiety in certain people. Experiment with sensory deprivation. Use a sleep mask to keep them from seeing what’s going on. Combine it with music or noise-canceling headphones if they are both bothered by the sounds.

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